1. In which of the following types of economy are the factors of production owned individually?

2. Poverty in less developed countries is largely due to
3. With reference to the Finance Commission of India, which of the following statements is correct?
4. India is regarded as a country with Demo graphic Dividend . This is due to
5. The most appropriate measure of a country's economic growth is its
6. Which of the following committees examined and suggested financial sector reforms?
7. Which committee was set up to review the concept of the poverty line?
8. The new base year of newly constituted Wholesale Price Index on recommendation of Abhijit Sen Committee is
9. By which year will India be able to secure full membership in the 'Financial Action Task Force' (FATF)?
10. India is now the ___________ member country of the FATF.
11. Which of the following contributes the maximum earnings in Indian Railways?
12. Which of the following statements is true about Industrial Policy, since 1991?

13. SEBI is a ________________________

14. In the last one decade, which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India?
15. Economic liberalisation in India started with
16. India has changed over to the decimal system of coinage in
17. The per capita income in India was 20 in 1867-68, was ascertained for the first time by .
18. One of the reasons for India's occupational structure remaining more or less the same over the years because
19. Which of the following is the most appropriate because of export surplus?
20. The State Financial Corporations have given assistance mainly to develop
21. New Economic Policy aims at
22. When and under whose Prime Ministership was the New Economic Policy first divised and implemented in India?
23. Who was the Finance Minister during the New Economic Policy (1991)?
24. It was aimed at stabilisation of Indian economy and was macro level in nature. It included liberalisation and deregulation of industry, financial sector reforms and taxation reforms in India. What is the above passage referring to?
25. The first Chairman of Disinvestment Commission was
26. When the productive capacity of the economic system of a state is inadequate to create sufficient number of jobs, it is called
27. Who presented the first Union Budget of Independent India?
28. Who has presented the Union Budget of India maximum number of times?
29. The separate presentation of Railway Budget and the General Budget began since
30. Currency notes and coins of one rupee and lower denominations are issued by the
31. Who prints and supplies the currency notes in India?
32. Deficit financing means the government borrows money from the
33. Money in India consists of
34. Highest per capita income is inversely co-related with the proportion of active population engaged in
35. What makes an Indian labour less efficient to its Western counterpart?
36. Market imperfections in the country are reflected in
37. Paper currency first started in India in
38. Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause
39. The best solution for overcoming the evil effects of small and uneconomic holdings is
40. Non-Tax revenue can be increased by improving the working of
41. The Currency Convertibility concept in its original form is originated in
42. Subsidy implies
43. Indian Economy is ____________economy.
44. Mixed economy means an economy where
45. A growing country is one with
46. In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was
47. The 'Father of Economics' is
48. 'World Development Report' (2010) by World Bank classifies various countries on the basis of
49. The 'Bombay Plan' drafted by GD Birla and JRD Tata emphasised
50. Which one among the following statements regarding the Eighth Five Year Plan in India is not correct?
51. Planning in India drew on
52. The highest body that approves Five Year Plans in India is
53. Economic Planning is in
54. Who among the following was the first Chairman of the Planning Commission?
55. Based on the 'Herold Domar Model' , this Plan gave priority to agriculture. It also emphasised rehabilitation of refugees, food self-sufficiency as well as control of inflation. The Plan was successful and achieved 3.6% growth rate , which was more than its aim. Which Plan is being referred to above?
56. Based on PC Mahalanobis model, this plan gave priority to industries and minerals followed by transport and communication. The plan was successful and achieved 4.1%, target was 4.5%. Name the plan referred to above
57. During which Plan were the steel plants at Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela established?
58. Which Plan is also called 'Gadgil Yojana'?
59. Which Plan was a failure due to Indo-China war followed by Indo-Pakistan?
60. What was the period of Plan Holiday?
61. For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the Government depends on
62. 'Garibi Hatao' (removal of poverty) and 'Growth with Justice' were the main objectives of
63. Which Plan was negatively affected by the arrival of refugees from Bangladesh?
64. Which Plan was started by the Ruling Janata Government and was later terminated in 1978?
65. Originally C Subramaniam prepared the approach paper of this plan, but the final draft was prepared and launched by DP Char. Which Plan is being referred to?
66. This new plan pattern was started by the Janata Government. Its aim was to assess the performance of the plan every year and thereby make new plans for the subsequent year. Which Plan is this?
67. Minimum Needs Programme (MNP) and Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) were started during which plan?
68. Under which Plan was private sector given priority over the public sector for the first time?
69. Time period of Annual Plans was
70. This Plan gave top priority to ''Development of Human Resources''. It initiated fiscal as well as economic reforms. Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) was initiated during this period. It was a successful plan. Which Plan is being referred to?
71. Launched in the 50th year of India's independence, this plan focused on ''Growth with Social Justice and Equity''. The recession in international economy was held responsible for its failure. Which plan is being referred to?
72. Which Plan aimed at following regional approach, instead of a sectoral approach so as to bring down regional inequalities?
73. By which one of the following years does the Eleventh Five Year Plan aim at achieving 10% rural tele-density in India from 1.9%?
74. In which of the following Five Year Plans the actual growth performance in India in respect of GDP (at factor cost) was less than the target set?
75. The apex body for formulating plans and coordinating research work in agriculture and allied fields is
76. Planning Commission was established in the year
77. Human development as the core of all developmental efforts was recognized by which Five Year Plan?
78. On which day is the Budget presented to the Parliament?
79. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established during which Five Year Plan?
80. According to the Planning Commission, how much investment is required for infrastructure development during Eleventh Five Year Plan?
81. Broadly, what is the objective of Indian Planning?
82. Which one of the following statements regarding Monitorable Socio-Economic Target of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, under the head Environment, is not correct?
83. Economic Survey is published by
84. The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission
85. During which Plan the growth rate of agricultural production was negative?
86. Practiced mainly in socialist economies, in this type of planning the Central Planning Authority decides upon every aspect of the economy. The targets as well as the processes to achieve them are strictly followed . What is the name of this type of planning?
87. In this type of plan, the states are asked by the Planning Commission to submit their projected revenue estimates. Based on these estimates, the Planning Commission determines the expenditure heads for State Annual Plans. Due to this, the plan targets are more realistic and the diversion of funds from the priority items to the non-plan account is avoided. Which Plan is referred to in the above passage?
88. Which Five Year Plan adopted Indicative Planning in India?
89. When was the Fourth Five Year Plan implemented? Immediately after
90. The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC is
91. During which Plan was NABARD established?
92. Which Plan was suspended one year before the time schedule?
93. Which segment of infrastructure sector got the maximum share in the Eleventh Plan' s infrastructure allocations?
94. Which of the following is not correct?
95. The process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year is known as
96. For which period was the Rolling Plan made?
97. Who among the following is not a member of the NDC?
98. Development means economic growth plus
99. released by the Planning Commission, which pre-estimates progress of the economy?
100. Under which plan did the Government introduce an agricultural strategy which gave rise to Green Revolution?
101. The Second Five year Plan was based on
102. Which of the following is not correct?
103. Inclusive growth would necessiate
104. The Planning Commision of India is
105. The Eleventh Plan's objective is
106. Five Year Plan in India is finally approved by
107. Inclusive growth as enunciated in the Eleventh Five Year Plan does not include one of the following
108. The period of Twelveth Five Year Plan is
109. In which of the following Five Year Plan, the targeted growth rate was less than the actually achieved growth rate?
110. Planning in India derives its objectives and social premises from which of the following?
111. Which one among the following statements about globalisation is not correct?
112. In India, which of the following has the highest share in the disbursement of credit to agriculture and allied activities?
113. Among the following states, which one has the most suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of a large variety of orchids with minimum cost of production and can develop an export oriented industry in this field?
114. Which one of the following crops production has been exceeding target since 2004-05 in India, but its growers have been committing suicide in large numbers in many parts of the country every year?
115. The Economic Survey 2010-2011 has suggested the creation of National Forest Land Bank to
116. Disguised unemployment generally means
117. Who decides the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for agricultural crops in India?
118. The term Green Revolution was coined by
119. The ____________ was the largest integrated dairy development programme of the world, started by National Dairy Development Board in 1970.
120. The father of 'Operation Flood' is
121. Which one of the following companies has started a rural marketing network called' e-chaupals'?
122. Which one of the following statements most appropriately describes the nature of the Green Revolution?
123. What is the major function of NABARD?
124. The prices at which the government 23. purchases foodgrains for maintaining the public distribution system and for building up buffer stock are known as
125. National Agriculture Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme (CCIS) was introduced in the year
126. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme . was introduced in 1998-99 to improve the credit delivery to farmers. Which one of the following does not operate this scheme?
127. Which decade of Indian planning has the best for agricultural growth?
128. The New National Food Security Mission (NFSM) aims at ensuring adequate supply of
129. Indian production of tea in the world stands at
130. State with maximum production of coffee in India is
131. Which among the following facilities has been started in India for refinance assistance for small irrigation, IRDP, dairy development and mechanisation of farms?
132. Who gave the call for 'Evergreen Revolution' in India?
133. Central Seed Testing and Referral Laboratory (GIRL) is located in
134. Agricultural income tax is assigned to the State Government by
135. 'Eco Mark' is given to the Indian products that are
136. The farmers are provided credit from a number of sources for their short and long term needs. The main sources of credit to the farmers include
137. Why has the share of agriculture in the national output declined from 57% (1950-51) to less than 20% today? Because
138. The scope of land reforms does not include
139. In order to promote village industrialisation, Government of India has set up the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization in
140. The impact of Green Revolution was felt most in the case of
141. Permanent settlement was a feature of
142. Consolidation of holdings as a land reforms measure failed to take off in
143. The purpose of land reforms was to achieve
144. State Land Reforms is under which part of the Constitution?
145. Under co-operative joint farming
146. Gap between the irrigation potential and its utilization in India is mainly due to
147. Which of the following in respect of Indian agriculture is not correct?
148. The agency charged with the responsibility of buffer stocking is
149. The government has undertaken grading and standardisation of various agricultural products through the
150. Crop Insurance is the monopoly of
151. The latest information about agricultural markets is collected and published by the
152. The 'Greening of the East' refers to
153. The abnormal increase in buffer stock of FCI in recent times is due to
154. National Agriculture Policy, 2000 emphasises ________________ as a measure of land reforms.
155. As the Indian economy develops, the share of agriculture in the GDP has been on decline, touching around 18% now. Still agriculture is an important in the economy of the country because
156. During which plan was Green Revolution introduced in India ?
157. The Green Revolution has not been as green as it has been made out to be because
158. The practice of monoculture is not favoured in farming because
159. Which among the following is not a 'geographical indicator'?
160. Indian Green Revolution started from
161. The importance of agriculture in Indian economy is indicated by its contribution to which of the following?
162. The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act was legislated in
163. In which of the following years was the Food Corporation of India (FCI) set up?
164. During the last 4 years, the growth of the non-agricultural sector has been
165. The basic objective of planing in India is
166. 'Bhoodan Yojana', as a measure of gifting land by the rich landlords to the landless labourers, was started by
167. 'Doha Round of WTO' is related with, which of the following? 'Doha Round of WTO' is related with, which of the following?
168. Indian Green Revolution is the most successful in which of the following?
169. Which of the following committees recommended tax on Agriculture holdings?
170. NABARD was established on the recom- mendation of which of the following?
171. Both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investor (Ell) are related to investment in a country. Which one of the following statements best represents an important difference between the two?
172. 6. In which one of the following places was Asia's first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) set up?
173. Which one of the following is not a feature of limited liability partnership firm?
174. The International • Development Association, a lending agency is administered by the
175. This Policy deregulated the industrial economy in a substantial manner. Its main features were : abolition of industrial licensing, easier entry for foreign investment and technology, MRTP Act, diluted role of public sector, removal of mandatory convertibility clause, liberalisation of industrial location policy and abolition of phased manufacturing programmes for new projects. Which policy is it?
176. Which of the following organisations is made specifically responsible for empowering micro, small and medium enterprises in India?
177. The concept of 'Navratnas' evolved in the Union Budget of which year?
178. Invisible export means export of
179. Which Five Year Plan had an objective of 'Rapid industrialisation with particular emphasis on development of basic and heavy industries'?
180. Which one among the following is a fixed cost to a manufacturing firm in the short-run?
181. Abid Hussain Committee is related to reforms in ___________industries.
182. Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR), a public sector undertaking is under the administrative control of which of the following ministries?
183. For which one of the following items is Tirupur well known as a huge exporter to many parts of the world?
184. Which one of the following airports in India is the first to be owned by a public limited company?
185. Debenture holders of a company are its
186. Assertion (A) The new Exim Policy is liberal, market-oriented and favours global trade. Reason (R) GATT has played a significant role in the liberalisation of the economy. Codes
187. Which one of the following committees recommended the abolition of reservation of items for the small scale sector in industry?
188. Global capital flows to developing countries increased significantly during the nineties. In view of the East Asian financial crisis and Latin American experience, which type of inflow is good for the host country?
189. Which one among the following industries is the maximum consumer of water in India?
190. The Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIER) came into existence in
191. Among the following which is not an undertaking under the administrative control of Ministry of Railways?
192. Which of the following is not a part of machinery that settles, industrial disputes?
193. In which area is the public sector most dominant in India?
194. The Wage Policy in India is based on
195. The modern economy is not characterised by
196. The competitive position of a company can be improved by
197. When was the first EPZ set up in Kandla?
198. Who is the chairman of the newly constituted panel to review domestic savings and investments?
199. ______________ established the oil refinery at Bhatinda.
200. Government has issued an ordinance announcing ULIP as 'Insurance Product'. Who is now the regulator of ULIPs?
201. Which one of the following public sector undertakings is not included in the nine units 'Navratnas' recognised by GDI?
202. Two principal departmentally run commercial undertakings of the Indian Government are
203. Which one of the following pairs is not matched correctly?
204. Which of the following sectors does not come under tertiary sector?
205. Which one among the following statements is correct?
206. Recently, Government disinvested stake in VSNL, IBP and IPCL to
207. Identify the correct sequence of the establishment of steel plants in India from the earliest to the latest.
208. The first modern industry to develop in India was
209. What kind of approach did the liberalization of industrial policy 1984-1985 envisage?
210. Which of the following includes bulk imports of the country?
211. Which of the following must always balance in the foreign trade of the country?
212. Deindustrialisation means
213. Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela plants were set up during which plan?
214. Economic development has been retarded in India mainly due to
215. Investment in public works is known as
216. SIDO is related to the development of
217. The objectives of Industrial Development and Regulation Act, 1951 are below. Find the true statement
218. The most important competition to the Indian jute industry is
219. To which sector is maximum weightage assigned in the index of industrial production?
220. Which of the following best defines free trade?
221. Among other things, which one of the following was the purpose for which the Deepak Parekh Committee was constituted?
222. Resurgent India Bonds were issued in US Dollar, Pound, Sterling and
223. The apex organisation of industrial finance in India is
224. Which one of the following is the correct decreasing sequence in terms of the value (in rupees) of the minerals produced in India in the year 2002-03?
225. In India, The Black Revolution is associated with self dependence in the production of
226. When was Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) passed?
227. The first Apparel Park in India has been established in
228. The modal agency for implementing the ''Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Programmes'' is
229. Which of the following is not a Nuclear Power Centre
230. In which of the following years, was the trade balance favourable to India?
231. How many industries have been reserved for government sector at present?
232. Which one among the following statements is correct?
233. After European Union which another group of countries have come forward for adopting common currency?
234. 'Global Competitiveness Report' is released by which of the following organisation?
235. Joint SAARC University of eight SAARC nations will be established in
236. Visible and invisible items of debit and credit are the part of
237. 'World Investment Report' is published by which of the following?
238. Which one of the following statements appropriately describes the 'fiscal stimulus'?
239. According to the provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act, 2003 and FRBM Rules, 2004, the Government is under obligation to present three statements before the Parliament along with the Annual Budget. Which one of the following is not one of them?
240. ______________refers to the use of taxation, public expenditure and the management of public debt in order to achieve certain specified objectives.
241. Which one of the following statements is correct with reference to
242. Which one of the following statements is/are correct? Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM) concerns
243. The Kelkar proposals which were in the news recently were the
244. Consider the following taxes 1. Corporation tax 2. Customs duty 3. Wealth tax 4. Excise duty Which of these is/are indirect taxes?
245. The term National Income represents
246. Most important source of capital formation in India has been
247. Which of the following is correct regarding the gross domestic savings in India?
248. Index 'Residex' is associated with
249. The number of approved share markets in India is
250. A rise in 'SENSEX' means
251. Fiscal Policy in India is formulated by
252. Which one of the following forms the largest share of deficit of Government of India Budget?
253. If the price of an inferior good falls, its demand
254. Temporary tax levied to obtain additional revenue is called
255. The existence of a parallel economy/black money
256. The basic attribute of a formal organisation is
257. The Fiscal Policy of India is formulated by
258. The per capita income has been low in India because
259. An advalorem duty is a tax on the basis of
260. Dear Money Policy implies
261. The Indian budget includes
262. A deflator is a technique of
263. Which of the following is an indirect tax?
264. Which of the following taxes is not levied by the Union Government?
265. The first estimate of national income in India was made by
266. National income in India is compiled by
267. Companies pay corporation tax on their
268. Fresh evaluation of every item of expenditure from the very beginning of each financial year is called
269. Excise duties are taxes on
270. The minimum effect of direct taxes is on
271. If saving exceeds investment, the national income will
272. In recent years, the capital outlays for the defence service have been
273. Which one of the following is the most important item of non-plan expenditure?
274. One of the problems in calculating the national income in India correctly is
275. Who was the Chairman of National Income Committee?
276. Among Indian economists who had done pioneering work on national income?
277. In the short run, a producer continues his production as long as he covers
278. A Multinational is
279. The recommendations of the Finance Commission are
280. Development is
281. Increase in oil pool deficit implies
282. 65. Which of the following is not a method of estimating national income?
283. The National Income of India is estimated mainly through
284. Which of the following are referred to as the developed economies?
285. Which committee recommended abolition of tax rebates under Section 88?
286. Tarapore Committee submitted its report on ''Full Convertibility on Rupee'' in
287. What is 'NIKKEI'?
288. Which city has been identified as the hottest (i.e., first ranking) outsourcing destination in the world?
289. Ministry Committee in its final report had recommended full capital account convertibility by
290. The Finance Commission of India is appointed by the President under Article
291. Which is the most industrially advanced state in India?
292. When was disinvestment started in public enterprises?
293. Which of the following taxes is collected by Panchayat?
294. The Goods and Services tax (GST) proposed to be introduced, covers taxes like
295. Fiscal policy in India is formulated by
296. Economic growth is usually coupled with
297. The lowering of bank rate by the RBI leads to
298. Which one of the following is not a `Money Market Instrument'?
299. Which one of the following Public Sector Bank's emblem figures a dog and the words 'faithful friendly' in it?
300. What is a Debit card' ?
301. Base rate is the rate below which no bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who sets up this 'Base Rate' for banks?
302. Under whose chairmanship was the committee on Insurance Sector reforms set up?
303. A country is said to be in a debt trap if
304. Which of the following terms indicate a mechanism used by commercial banks for providing credit to the Government?
305. Which among the following rural banks has been named after a river?
306. A scheduled bank is the one which is included in the
307. What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI?
308. Which one of the following was the chairman of the Committee on Pricing and Taxation of Petroleum products?
309. For regulation of the insurance trade in the country the Government has formed
310. Since 1983, the RBI's responsibility with respect to Regional Rural Banks was transferred to
311. The ARDC (Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation) is now a branch of the
312. If the RBI adopts an expansionist open market operations policy, this means that it will
313. Consider the following statements regarding Reserve Bank of India
314. Of the various 'ways of financing Government's investment expenditure, the least inflationary is
315. Rising prices lead to all but one of the following
316. The acronym SRO, being used in the capital market for various market participants, stands for which one of the following?
317. The central banking functions in India are performed by the
318. The place where bankers meet and settle their mutual claims and accounts is known as
319. The main function of exim bank is
320. Which of the following Indian Banks is not a nationalized bank?
321. The basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and stock markets lies with the
322. Which of the following is not an affiliate of the RBI?
323. In 1921, the Presidency Banks of Bengal, Madras and Bombay were nationalised to give birth to
324. Which of the following is not an asset held by Commercial Banks?
325. To prevent recurrence of scams in Indian Capital Market, the Government has assigned regulatory powers to
326. In India, the Bank NABARD does not provide refinance to
327. When was Exim Bank set up?
328. Which of the following is called a /Bankers Cheque?
329. Nationalisation of banks was done with the purpose of
330. Finance Ministry has asked the Reserve Bank of India to allow common ATM' s that will be owned and managed by non-banking entities hoping to cut transaction costs for banks. Such ATM's are known as
331. If the cash reserve ratio is lowered by the RBI, its impact on credit creation will be to
332. The Central Co-operative Banks are in direct touch with
333. The RBI keeps on modifying various rates/ratios to keep the flow of liquidity in the market in a balanced situation. Which of the following is not directly controlled by RBI?
334. Banks in India are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portions is called
335. 'Smart Money' is a term used for
336. How many banks are there in public sector at present?
337. SBI (Subsidiary Bank Laws) Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament allows SBI to reduce its holding in its seven subsidiary banks from
338. Rural women can avail the benefit of Mahila Samriddhi Yojana if they open their account in
339. The rate at which banks lend to RBI is known as
340. The cause of deflation is
341. NABARD was established on the recommendations of
342. With reference to a cheque, which of the following is the 'drawee bank'?
343. The working of SEBI includes
344. Increase in net RBI credit for Central Government represents
345. Individual cannot open his account in
346. Where are the headquarters of Asian Development Bank?
347. 'Stagflation' is
348. 'Axis Bank' is the new proposed name for
349. Where are the headquarters of World Bank situated?
350. For attracting more customers and providing better facilities, which of the following bank has launched a scheme 'Parivartare?
351. Who is the present RBI Governor?
352. RRB is not yet established in which states?
353. On the recommendations of Kelkar Committee, no new RRB has been established since
354. Where are the headquarters of SIDBI?
355. Narsimham Committee recommended to make banking structure of the country
356. After the purchase of 200 tonne gold from IMF, India's Central Bank RBI became the largest gold holding central bank in the world.
357. For international money transfer, which Indian bank has signed MoU with the American Company ''Money Gram''?
358. Which of the following rate is not determined by RBI?
359. In banking business, when the borrowers avail a term loan, initially they are given a repayment holiday and this is referred as
360. RBI was set up on the recommendation of __________commission.
361. Green Banking Channel has been launched by
362. ___________ has become the first registrar for UIAI for collecting both demographic and biometric informations of the bank's account holders.
363. The term 'Smart Money' refers to
364. The first fully Indian Bank is
365. The accounting year of the RBI is
366. RBI is empowered to vary the CRR of commercial banks between
367. A scheduled commercial bank should have capital and reserves over
368. The methods of credit control used by RBI can be divided into
369. The RBI provides
370. Whose signature is found on one rupee notes in India?
371. Which among the following banks neither advances loans against immovable property nor charges interest on deposits?
372. Who was the first Indian Governor of the RBI?
373. In India inflation is measured by the
374. Expand the term LIBOR
375. Which of the following cannot be called a Debt instrument as referred in financial transactions?
376. A zero rate of inflation obtains necessarily in a year where the annual rate of inflation
377. Which of the following markets are independtly regulated by Forward Market Commission?
378. IRDA is associated with
379. Who of the following recommended the merger of RRBs in their respective. Sponsor Banks? .
380. Index 'Residex' is associated with
381. UTI has been divided into two parts UTI-1 and Which part has been kept under the control of government?
382. In which of the following exchange, 'Currency Futures' trading was first started?
383. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
384. Among the following who are eligible to benefit from MGNREGA?
385. Which of these programmes has not been included in the Swarna Jayanti Swarozgar Yojana?
386. What is the aim of Operation Blackboard?
387. Main objective of Antyodaya programme is to
388. The strategic aim of IRDP is
389. Which of the following schemes is launched to provide pension to people in unorganised sectors in India?
390. Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana came into being in
391. Generally unemployment in a developing country takes place because of
392. The type of unemployment mostly found in India can be characterised as
393. Unemployment which occurs when workers move from one job to another job is known as
394. Poverty gap is
395. Absolute poverty means
396. The Swarnajayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana which came into operation from 1-12-1997 aims to provide gainful employment to the urban unemployed or underemployed poor but does not include
397. Redistribution policies geared to reduce economic inequalities include
398. Which of the following plan is meant for constructing houses for rural people?
399. Which rural schemes were merged with Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana?
400. 'Marketing Support and Services Scheme' (in the Eleventh plan) supports artisans related to