45. With which one of the following is the 'Tennis Court Oath' associated?
46. The cornerstone of English democracy is the document known as the
47. The Russian revolutionaries derived their ideology from the doctrines of
48. The ruler who stated'' I am the State'' was
49. In which country did the first Marxist revolution take p ace?
50. Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by armies under
51. Which of the following were the watch words of the French Revolution?
52. Which one of the following countries never taken over by any European power as a colony?
53. The provisional government of 1917 in Russia was he aded by.
54. ''Blood and Iron'' was the political and economic policy of
55. Which one of the following statements related to the Boston Tea Party of 16th December, 1773 during the American War of Independence is correct?
56. The concepts in the Declaration of Independence are based on the ideas of the philosopher
57. The first emperor of France was
58. Which one among the following sums up Marx's view about history?
59. The Reign of Terror is associated with which country?
60. The slogan 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity' was actually given by the
61. In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin in the year 1750?
62. Who among the following was the author of 'Common Sense' the revolutionary pamphlet of the American Revolution?
63. Who authored the Declaration of Independence (USA)?
64. The international body which was formed in Europe (in 1889) to coordinate the efforts socialists all over Europe was called
65. The scientist who first studied the world of microscopic life was
66. The outstanding city of the Italian Renaissance was