Katy Perry Becomes First Person to Reach 100 Million Twitter Followers

Singer Katy Perry just made the news again, a few days after her she apologised and tried to make amends with Taylor Swift. This time, however, it is for creating history. On Friday, the ‘Witness’ singer and pop culture star became the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter. Perry is now the most-followed person on the platform, Twitter reported. Perry took the opportunity to thank the microblogging site, for always giving her an ‘opportunity to have a voice’.

The singer made her Twitter debut in 2009, and has been an active user since. She has over 8,500 tweets, which means over a thousand tweets per year. Her first tweet was about traveling to Berlin – and joining the platform. Since then Perry has used the platform to show support to follow singers from the fraternity, interact with fans, and promote her work. Her latest album, ‘Witness’, marks Perry’s first album since 2013 and comes after the artist largely retreated for a year following the blockbuster success of her ‘Prism’ album and tour.

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