International Nurses Day observed on 12th May 2017

Timed to coincide with Nurses Day, the letter warns that life for some 21st century nurses in Britain means having to use food banks, work second jobs or take hardship grants due to capped pay. The letter says it is “little wonder” there are 24,000 unfilled nursing jobs in the NHS in England.”Years of real-terms pay cuts have left nurses heading for the door, with some going to stack shelves in the supermarket instead,” it says.

“The next generation of British nurses are being put off joining what is still a great profession.”Patients do not get the care they deserve from a nursing workforce that is short on numbers and low on morale.”Today is Nurses’ Day and there is no better time to shine a light – like Florence Nightingale – on the life of a 21st century nurse.”It is time for you and other ministers to sit up and value nursing.”London-based community nurse Danielle Tiplady, who organised the letter, said it has been signed by “100 nurses and counting”.

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