World’s fastest camera records five trillion frames per second

World’s fastest film camera can ‘capture’ light. We all know that according to Einstein’s theory, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum that makes it difficult to capture. But, now researchers at Lund University in Sweden have built the world’s fastest film camera that is capable of taking five trillion images per second, which means an image every 0.2 trillionths of a second. In other words, the camera is fast enough to visualize the movement of light or capture molecular processes.

The camera could be used to observe extremely rapid natural processes and reactions in chemistry, physics, biology and biomedicine that until now have not been captured on film. The researchers exposed an object to be filmed to brief flashes of laser light, which were reflected by the object. The new technology called Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures (FRAME) is based on an innovative algorithm, and instead captures several coded images in one picture and later sorts them into a video sequence. This method took four separate images per frame instead of taking images one by one in a sequence, like other high-speed cameras.

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