Trial of Agni-II Ballistic Missile fails to meet desired parameters

India on 4 May 2017 flight-tested Agni-II Intermediate Range Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile from Abdul Kalam Island in Bhadrak district of Odisha. However, the user trial failed and it did not meet all the desired parameters. The test was carried out by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) as part of a training exercise. The Naval ships tracked the vehicle, while a network of radars, telemetry and electro-optical instruments monitored the trajectory. The last test of Agni-II Ballistic Missile was carried out in 2014.

Agni-II is a medium-range missile with a range of over 2000 km and can carry a payload of 1000kg. The missile was developed by Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) and integrated by the Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Hyderabad. It is a two-stage surface-to-surface missile, equipped with an advanced high-accuracy navigation system and guided by a novel command and control system. It weighs 17 tonnes and the range of the missile can be increased to 3000 km by reducing the payload. It can be fired from both rail and road mobile launchers and it takes only 15 minutes for the missile to be readied for firing.

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