Guitar pioneer Allan Holdsworth passes away in California

Progressive rock and jazz fusion guitar pioneer Allan Holdsworth passed away on 15 April 2017 in California, U.S. He was 70. Holdsworth was known as a guitarist’s guitarist for his progressive rock and jazz fusion work with bands including Soft Machine, Gong, and U.K.

Born on 6 August 1946, Allan Holdsworth was a British guitarist and composer. He released 12 studio albums as a solo artist. His most recent studio album was 2001’s Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie. He played a variety of musical styles spanning a period of more than four decades. But, he was best known for his work in jazz fusion.

He was known for his advanced knowledge of music, through which he incorporated a vast display of complex chord progressions and intricate solos. He has been cited as an influence by such renowned rock, metal and jazz guitarists as Joe Satriani, Shawn Lane, John Petrucci, and others.

Frank Zappa once lauded Holdsworth as “one of the most interesting guys on guitar on the planet.” Robben Ford has said, “I think Allan Holdsworth is the John Coltrane of the guitar. I don’t think anyone can do as much with the guitar as Allan Holdsworth can.”

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