IBM appoints Nipun Mehrotra as chief digital officer (CDO) for India

IBM has appointed Nipun Mehrotra as chief digital officer (CDO) for India, one of the first countries outside the US to have such a position, and marks the importance the country holds as IBM morphs into a platform company with the focus on cloud and cognitive. IBM veteran Nipun Mehrotrais the CDO for India/South Asia, and the appointment comes with months of Bob Lord, IBM’s first ever chief digital officer, being charged with bringing together the digital business group (DBG).

Digital is the buzz word in the IT industry today, and describes the whole new set of technologies and capabilities that have been enabled by the internet and the phenomenal increase in computing power that is available now at very low costs.

Nipun Mehrotra’s mandate is to transform the way IBM engages and partners with startups, developers, investors, academia and businesses.”This role is interesting because it’s a combination what IBM is good at – deep tech – and where do we want to move towards, which is the ecosystem and platform developers. The role has an interest in everything that IBM does – research, cognitive, cloud, work that we do with ISVs (independent software vendors) and startups,” said Mehrotra.

Over the past two years, as the VP for strategy / growth initiatives, he led IBM’s transformational strategy across several areas in Asia & India. One of the objectives of DBG is to make startups, developers, academia, investors and incubators embrace IBM’s digital tools and platforms like Bluemix, Watson and its commerce platforms. A team is being set up to catalyse this. For businesses, Mehrotra’s team will build proofs of concept around digital.

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