Foundation stone of the Banana Research Centre laid in Vaishali, Bihar

Radha Mohan Singh, Union Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare Minister, on 11 March 2017 laid the foundation stone of the Banana Research Centre at Gorole, Vaishali, Bihar. The Banana Research Centre is established to fulfil the aspirations of the banana growers of Vaishali.

The Banana Research Centre, Vaishali falls under Garole area. Garole has been selected for the establishment of the centre due to its ecological conditions. The centre will work in the areas of finding reasons of less production in banana, enhancement in acreage for cultivation, suitable utilization of the various parts of the plants, different products, marketing and value addition.

It is expected that the cooperation of the researchers of the centre along with the participation of farmers would help to bring a new era of banana cultivation in Bihar and surrounding states. The total production of banana in India is around 14.2 million tons. India holds number one position in the world in the area of banana production.

The country stands at number three in acreages which is 13% of the entire acreage and 33% of the total production. Among the states in India, Maharashtra is the largest producer followed by Tamil Nadu. Productivity of Maharashtra is 65.7 tonnes/hectare, which is more than the average national production of 34.1 tonnes/hectare. In Bihar, Banana is grown in around 27.2 thousand hectare, production is around 550 thousand tons and average productivity is 20.0 tonnes/hectare, which is very less than the national average.

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