Tribal festival Bhagoria begins in Madhya Pradesh

The annual tribal festival Bhagoria will begin here and in four other districts of Madhya Pradesh from March 6. The week-long festival is organised at different Bhagoria haats (local markets) in Jhabua, Alirajpur, Dhar, Khargone and Barwani districts in western Madhya Pradesh. The event is going to be organised at 34 places here, Jhabua collector Ashish Saxena told. He said the tribal troupes donning their traditional robes will be felicitated during the festival.

Bhagoria Haat is the colorful festival of the Bhils and the Bhilalas. This festival is held particularly in the district of West Nimar and Jhabua and the ‘haat’ is held actually in the nature of a mass ‘Svayamvara’ or a marriage market.This is indicated in the name of the festival, Bhagoria Haat and during the festival the young people elope after choosing their partners and are later on accepted as husband and wife by the society through prearranged customs.

It cannot be supposed that every time the boys and girls intending to marry each other meet in the festival for the first time. According to the tradition, the boy is supposed to apply gulal, red powder, on the face of the girl whom he chooses as his wife. If the girl is willing, she also applies gulal on the boy’s face. The girl might not say yes immediately but in due course the boy might go after her and succeed.

The Bhagoria Haat also concurs with the completion of harvesting, making it an agricultural festival as well.The Bhagoria Haat Festival is held on 25th feb to 5th March 2016, Mainly on various market days before the beginning of the Holi Festival

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