Donald Trump Bans 7 nations from Entering US on Security Issues

donald-trump 7 nationsAmerican President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to temporarily ban visas for refugees belonging to seven Muslim-majority countries namely as Trump Bans 7 nations from Entering US on Security Issues Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.The decision aims at protecting United States from the entry of foreign terrorists to keep the nation safe. The ban is not aimed at restricting Muslim countries from entering US.

It also represents a pronounced shift in US counter-terrorism tactics and a sharp turn in the debate underpinning national security policy since the 9/11 attacks — how to best keep Americans safe and battle extremism at home and abroad without alienating Muslims in a way that could foster more radicalism.

Meanwhile, legal challenges to Trump’s moves herald the start of a constitutional showdown between the president’s vision of an expansive activist presidency and the checks and balances built into the American political system meant to curb executive power. Legal stays issued by several judges against the measures are likely to be the first actions in a long, complicated legal challenge to the moves that seem almost inevitable to wind up at the Supreme Court.

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