Amul’s updated edition of ‘India 3.0’ book launched

amul India 3.0Covering topical grounds and popular incidents from the contemporary context, Indian dairy cooperative Amul launched the updated edition of ‘Amul’s India 3.0’ here on Monday.

The book was unveiled by social commentator Santosh Desai, Amul’s Managing Director R.S. Sodhi, and journalists Indrajit Hazra, Rahul Da Cunha and Jai Arjun Singh. They shared many insights and observations shared about the iconic ‘Amul Girl’.

Santosh Desai spoke about her relevance in contemporary times, her larger role in the society, and her continuing resonance among other aspects.

He further added, “The Amul girl, belongs to all who have grown up with her around, and is the spokesperson of the times.”

While Rahul Da Cunha wondered about whether the ‘Amul Girl’ needs to change, journalist Indrajit Hazra reflected that she needn’t as everything around her is changing.

With celebrity contributing writers including the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Tharoor, Arnab Goswami, Karan Johar and colourful Amul adverts, Amul’s India 3.0 is a book with takes on fifty years of India’s history.

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