Bank of Maharashtra Adopts Malangaon Village for Digital Transactions

Pune based public sector lender Bank of Maharashtra, has helped to make the village of Malangaon, in Sangli district, Maharashtra, a completely cashless village. Post the announcement of withdrawal of 500 and 1000 currency notes and the push towards a cashless society financial inclusion became the need of the hour, and the bank officials with the help of the District collector and several government officials adopted the village, said the bank in a statement to the press.

Located 3.5kms away from Shirdoh branch of the bank, the business correspondents did door to door campaigns across the village to enroll the people through Aadhaar linked bank accounts to enable them to make payments digitally instead of cash. Further the bank has also conducted various educational initiatives in the village to ensure people got more aware of the various channels of digital payments.“Bank of Maharashtra has fully supported the government’s push to a cashless society and our initiative of making Malangaon cashless from end to end is a testament to the fact. Aadhar linked bank accounts make it easy for everyone in the village to perform banking transactions by the simple use of their fingerprint. All businesses that were disrupted post demonetisation because of their heavy dependence on cash have continued to be performed seamlessly because of an intensive education drive.

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