Twitter India’s Managing Director Parminder Singh quits

twiter Parminder SinghTwitter’s India and South East Asia’s Managing Director Parminder Singh has resigned from the company. The announcement comes soon after Twitter India head Rishi Jaitly announced his departure as well.  In a series of tweets, Parminder Singh said “An update. After leading Twitter in Asia’s most exciting markets (India/SEA/MENA) for 3 yrs, time to move on to new passions The INSEA/MENA region is now split with MENA aligned to EMEA and INSEA aligned to APAC region. Right time for me to step back.”

Singh confirmed that the India and South East Asia region, which is now aligned to the Asia Pacific region, will be headed by Maya Hari, while the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region will be handled by Benjamin Ampen.

The former India Managing Director wrote on Twitter, “INSEA will be managed by @maya_hari and MENA by @bampen. Both great professionals, have worked with me closely & well suited to drive growth.” Singh also indicated that he had been working on the leadership transition and will continue to do so over the next month.

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