Shamik Chowdhury wins the German Green Talent award

shamik-chowdhury Shamik ChowdhuryIndian researcher Shamik Chowdhury in the last week of October 2016 was awarded the German Green Talent Award. His name is among the list of 25 young researchers who have been honoured with the award.

The award was conferred to Shamik Chowdhury by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for his innovative approach in sustainable development, resource efficiency, cleaner production and eco-innovation.

About Shamik Chowdhury
• Shamik Chowdhury is currently doing his PhD in environmental engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS).
• He also holds a BTech and Mtech degree in Biotechnology.
• His main area of focus is creating green technologies based on renewable feedstocks to improve quality of urban living.
• He was previously awarded with the Sustainable Technology Award from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (Singapore) in 2015 for his research on carbon capture using innovative absorbents.
• He was also conferred with the President’s Graduate Fellowship by NUS for his doctoral study and research.
• He has written and reviewed manuscripts for prominent journals and presented papers at several international conferences.

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