Bangladesh introduces temporary ban on catching Hilsa Fish

bangladesh FishBangladesh has arrested more than 900 fishermen and deployed the army to patrol its waterways after introducing a temporary ban on catching hilsa in an effort to save the hugely popular fish.

Some 60 percent of the world’s hilsa are caught in Bangladesh, but indiscriminate fishing has depleted much of the stock, driving up prices and putting the fish beyond the reach of the poor. Anyone caught catching hilsa faces at least a year in jail under a 22-day ban that began on October 12, the start of the breeding season.

Armed forces have been deployed to patrol 7,000 square kilometres of rivers, estuaries and sea declared a breeding sanctuary. “We are patrolling the rivers day and night. It’s like a curfew,” fisheries department official Iqbal Hossain said from the coastal river district of Patuakhali.

“One mother (hilsa) can lay two million eggs per year. So one can easily understand how big the production will be if the protection drive is successful,” said Hossain. Hilsa is the most sought-after delicacy for 160 million Bangladesh and another 90 million Bengalis who live in eastern India.

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