PM launches 7 schemes worth Rs 5000 cr in Varanasi

With an aim of boosting development in his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched 7 schemes at the total cost of Rs 5000 crore amid his assertion that his government believes in timely completion of projects.

Schemes Included:

  • The schemes launched includes “Urja Ganga“.
  • Expansion of Diesel Locomotive Works, the dedication of 765/400 KV GIS Varanasi Power Sub-station.
  • Inauguration of Varanasi Postal Region.
  • Inaugurated second line and electrification of Allahabad-Varanasi rail line and setting up of perishable cargo centre at Rajatalab Railway Station.
  • He also handed over LPG connections to select Ujjwala beneficiaries.
  • Released a commemorative postage stamp on Varanasi City.

Speaking at the occasion, he said his government has focused on timely completion of projects and has worked towards ensuring that not only are foundations laid, but projects are also inaugurated on time.

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