The Sleepwalker’s Dream authored by Dhrubajyoti Borah released

Book titled The Sleepwalker’s Dream authored by Dhrubajyoti Borah released. The book authored by Borah, President of Asam Sahitya Sabha, narrates the journey of a group of militants towards an elusive freedom and an uncertain future.

The Sleepwalker’s Dream is about June, Ron and several other rebels fleeing their hideout in Bhutan after an army attack. With them is their injured, unconscious leader, who is unlikely to survive the ordeal of their journey towards the Assam border.

Through this book, the author has tried to give life to their journey to be an insurgent and the memories that hunts them. June is the only woman in the group who is strangulated in memories of her long-lost family, her village, her innocent childhood and the tragic circumstances under which she had become an insurgent.

Ron a male insurgent too is flooded by his own memories of his boyhood and the early days of passionate commitment and high adventure.

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