CERC panel suggests overhaul in transmission planning

CERC panel suggests overhaul in transmission planning:

CERC: A committee appointed by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has suggested an overhaul in transmission planning facilitate the transfer of power on economic principles.

The committee, headed by power system expert Mata Prasad, has suggested that transmission planning is aligned to meet customer aspirations as opposed to the existing system where transmission is associated with long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

According to the committee, transmission planning can be done on the basis of projected load of the states and anticipated generation scenario based on economic principles of merit order operation.

About Central Electricity Regulatory Commission:

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), a key regulator of power sector in India, is a statutory body functioning with quasi-judicial status under sec – 76 of the Electricity Act 2003. CERC was initially constituted on 24 July 1998 under the Ministry of Power’s Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act, 1998 for rationalization ofelectricity tariffs, transparent policies regarding subsidies, promotion of efficient and environmentally benign policies, and for matters connected Electricity Tariff regulation. CERC was instituted primarily to regulate the tariff of Power Generating companies owned or controlled by the government of India, and any other generating company which has a composite scheme for power generation and interstate transmission of energy, including tariffs of generating companies.


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