World’s first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities

handi World'sWorld’s first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities aka Bionic Olympics underway:

World’s first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich debuted on Saturday at the SWISS Arena in Kloten, canton Zurich.

Popularly known as ‘Bionic olympics’, it differs from the paralympics as it sees participants compete against each other using the latest assistive technologies in terms of their ability to help users navigate the tasks and challenges of daily life. About 4,600 visitors attended the sold-out event that saw participation from seventy-two teams from 25 countries.

“People with a physical disability that restricts daily life – these are the real winners of the Cybathlon. And as we have seen today, great things can be achieved when their needs directly influence the development of new assistive technology,” Robert Riener, Cybathlon initiator and ETH Zurich professor for sensory-motor systems, was qouted saying in a statement issued by the institute on Saturday evening.

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