Edutainment platform for primary schools in Kerala

kerala-school EdutainmentEdutainment platform for primary schools in Kerala:

Edutainment is a neologism (new term coinage), similar to infotainment , that expresses the marriage of education and entertainment in a work or presentation such as a television program or a Web site.Close to 1.5 million students studying in Classes 1 to 4 in Kerala can now enhance their learning ability with the introduction of a new textbook which integrates even games through meaningful learning situations.

The new textbook, named ‘Kalipetty’ (which means Playbox), has been developed in a scientific manner and is expected to simplify mathematics and other subjects.

The Kerala education department has introduced New Information Communication Technology (ICT) textbooks for primary classes from 1 to 4 through its IT@school project.

For differently abled students, who require special attention, ‘Kalipetty’ also has specific content which would help them overcome many of their limitations and learn ICT education.

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