Kiara Nirghin, an Indian-origin teen wins Google Science Fair prize

kiara-nirghin Kiara NirghinKiara Nirghin, a 16-year-old Indian-origin South African teen has won a $50,000 scholarship, the grand prize at the annual Google Science Fair for her work using orange peel to develop a cheaper “super-absorbent material” that helps soil retain water.

About Her:

  • Kiara Nirghin, a Grade 11 student at private school St Martin’s, submitted her project titled ‘No More Thirsty Crops’ which was aimed at tackling the severe drought plaguing South Africa.
  • Her solution to the problem of drought uses orange and avocado fruit peel that is normally discarded.
  • The Google Science Fair is a programme for budding scientists between the ages of 13 to 18, who are invited to solve the world’s biggest challenges using science and technology.

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