Kieren Dsouza becomes the first Indian to complete World’s toughest race

kieren-dsouza Kieren DsouzaKieren Dsouza becomes the first Indian to complete World’s toughest race. The Spartathlon, an annual run between Athens in Sparta in Greece has a circuit which lasts for 246.6 km and is widely considered, ‘The world’s toughest race.’ Till date only 50 % of the runners have successfully completed this race, with India having little to no success. However, Bengaluru’s Kieren Dsouza has changed all that today. In a run that lasted, 33 hours three minutes and 25 seconds, the 23-year old defied the odds to become the first ever Indian to finish it.

Wearing Bib number 209, Kieran had been training for this race since 2012 and became the first Indian to qualify this year. Prior to this run, he was a designated Ultra Marathoner, who ran 160 km events. In fact, last year, he became the fastest Indian to run above 100 miles by winning the Salomon Bhatti Lakes Ultra Marathon. However, this was not always his profession of choice.

Before leaving for India, Kieren had spoken to Sportskeeda about the race.

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